[Voyage-announce] voyage-0.1 released

Punky Tse punkytse at punknix.com
Tue Feb 15 03:28:22 HKT 2005

I am pleased to announce that Voyage Linux 0.1 is now released and is 
available at the below location:



For more information about Voyage Linux, please check at:

CHANGELOG (from 0.1pre5)
- add ebtables and ifenslave
- update kernel image revision to 1.4 : 
    - enables i2c, lm77 sensors and other hardware sensors.

Voyage Linux 0.1 now becomes a stable release and marks an important 
milestone for 0.2 development.  0.2 release will feature more network 
and wireless application, and would become more configurable.  Like 0.1 
development, 0.2 will be delivered progressively in several preview 
releases, until it becomes mature to  declare as stable.  Please join me 
in Voyage Linux development and stay tune to this list for upcoming 
release news.

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