[Voyage-linux] Create an img file

andrew at purewireless.net (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 21 03:40:11 HKT 2007


Thanks that is what I needed! I do typically just run a customized install
script that does everything for me. This is for somebody else that wants
to use a windows machine and is only confortable with .img files.

Anyway thanks for the tip!

> If you've loaded the customized image onto a bootable CF, you can put
> the CF back in your reader and run:
> Assuming your CF is mounted as /dev/sda and you are saving the image in
> /usr/src/
> dd if=/dev/sda of=/usr/src/<filename.img> bs=<your choice>
> will create the file /usr/src/<filename.img> as an image of the CF.
> You may want to experiment with the bs=  (block size) to get the best
> speed though I've found the process isn't terribly fast (using USB 1.1
> anyway :-( ).  It does allow you to have a canned image that can be put
> on a fresh CF without much effort.  Note that the size of the source CF
> must be <= the target CF and if you use a larger target, the image will
> still be the size of the source, ie, if you dd a source that was
> installed on a 256MB CF onto a 512MB flash, you'll get a 256MB system
> installed on the larger flash.
> I've found the install procedure to actually work faster though it does
> presume the ext2 filesystem is already set up on the CF (not that hard
> to script separately or even add to the install scripts.) and doesn't
> create the artificially smaller system when run against the ever larger
> CFs that are available.
> If you unpack a tarball and then do the chroot customization process to
> install/remove packages, set passwords, DNS, etc., etc. then tar it back
> up, you have a more flexible snapshot of a given setup, IMO.
> HTH,
> Edwin

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